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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Green-light This: Promoted Projects: April 22

Split Decision: The Guillermo Rigondeaux Story: Branded as one of the greatest amateur fighters of his generation, Guillermo Rigondeaux bravely struggles to escape Cuba in order to turn professional. The boxer’s struggle in Cuba is the Cuban struggle. All Cubans struggle from birth and they see the boxer’s struggle as a metaphor for their own. Learn more about Brin-Jonathan Butler's compelling documentary by clicking here.

ManaFly: Rock band playing original music in the South of England. If you like Kings of Leon, you'll like ManaFly. Check out their demo tracks: Nothing; Sail; and Locator.

Locked in a Garage Band: A high school rock band on the verge of breaking up gets locked in their garage for a day. A coming of age comedy that ROCKS! Written and directed by Jennifer Westcott. Produced by Victoria Westcott. Get updates on the film on Facebook too.

Ancient Lights: The latest project from Sandra Rojas-Gonzalez tells the story of a girl who after facing an entire life of bullying ends up in a coma; where she discovers a world full of mythical creatures. In order to break free from the curse and eventually awake from her coma, she needs to realize where her true strength lies: by gaining confidence, loving and accepting herself. Sandra is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to production costs.

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