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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Green-light This: Promoted Projects: April 15

Skip Listening is a short film that tells the story of an obnoxious radio host who gets a much needed lesson in “perspective” following an accident. Christopher Shawn Shaw directed this “modern parable” that was written for the screen by Thor Ramsey (who also stars in the film). For a limited time, you can also watch the film by clicking here.

Mahogany Sunrise: Scott Leisk's latest film is a romantic, action drama about a downhearted IT guy named Jackson who longs to be a musician. After being sent to a border town for work Jackson stumbles upon a duffel bag full of money. Thinking he’s hit the jackpot he takes the money. He later meets and falls for a charismatic burlesque dancer named Mercedes. But Jackson quickly learns that this new found fortune comes with a price as he finds himself on the run from her ex and his gangbanger crew along with two hitmen who want the money back. Currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter to cover main production costs.

Impasse is a day in the life of Alice, a married woman, frustrated with her existence, watching an anonymous young couple fight a heartbreaking battle, deciding their fate. Neither wanting to lose. Neither wanting to compromise. Both deeply in love. Wonder Russell is set to play the part of Alice. The screenplay was written by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman and will be directed by Michael Bekemeyer. Currently crowd-funding on Kickstarter to cover main production costs.

The Entertainment Corner: Owner/Executive Editor: Mireille Miskulin "I have always loved movies, from big budget films to independent films. I've created my own website, The Entertainment Corner where I can share my love of film, showcase my favorite artists, and talk about all things entertainment. It’s also a fantastic way to connect with people all over the globe who share similar interests."

Mireille generously invited me to be interviewed on the site. Look for that in the coming weeks.

Legacy Project Updates: 

Indies Unite for Joshua: Eden Baylee launched a new video series aimed at introducing people to some of the campaigns best supporters. 

Jedi Camp: The CRF offers it's congratulations to the team on achieving 132% of their Kickstarter target. 

Scapegoat: The CRF offers it's congratulations to the team on achieving 105% of their Kickstarter target.


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  1. Thanks Casey for the shout out for Indies unite for Joshua! The series will be like a fundraiser rally - only online! It's going to be fun!

    Our YOUTUBE channel is IndiesUnite4Joshua and all videos will be housed there too.

    As always, your help and kindness in spreading the word is so so appreciated.