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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Casey Crossover: Let's Talk Words: By: Guest Writer, Casey Sheridan

Editor’s Note:

I’ve said many times that some of the most fun that I’ve ever had doing both the show and blog were the handful of opportunities that I’ve had to work with erotica writer and blogger Casey Sheridan. In addition to being a great storyteller, she also has a sharp sense of humor and knows her pop-culture.

She took a leave of absence recently but is now making a bit of a comeback and her friends and fans (including myself) couldn't be happier.

Today, we proudly present our latest “Casey Crossover” where we publish guest posts on each other’s blogs. The topic this time is words that make us laugh. After you’re done reading the post below, feel free to hop over to Casey’s blog to see what I had to say.

Casey, once again the floor is yours…


Let's Talk Words
By: Casey Sheridan

I have to admit, this was the hardest blog post I've ever had to write, mainly because I was laughing so much I couldn't see my computer screen.

When I first started to blog, one of my regular posts was called Funny Words and Phrases. It involved using some strange (and obviously funny) euphemisms for all the various womanly and manly "bits" along with the many things done to, and with, them. Of course, I'd use these odd terms in humorous sentences.

This is not one of those posts. No, no. You will not find any purple-headed love truncheons here. This blog is free of any love custard. Find a detour because the road to heaven has been closed. The bearded taco has been shaved. All a bazongas have left the blogosphere. The back-door trumpet has been silenced (thank goodness!). There will be no need to tug one's taffy or flick the bean. And, definitely, no drilling for oil. Not on this post!

Today, this erotica author shares with you words that make her giggle like a five year old.

I know the knowledge that I enjoy something so low-brow (eye-roll) will forever tarnish my otherwise classy and sophisticated (pffft) reputation, but I’ll deal.

Word #1 – Wiener

I know what you're thinking, "Wiener? Really? How juvenile." It is juvenile, I admit. And, yes. Really. Wiener. I snicker just writing the word.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of wiener is "a hot dog". It's the example of the word in Wiener (notice how I throw the word wiener in as much as possible) in use that is hilarious. If you know me, and take into consideration what I write, you'll understand why I giggle.
            Wiener – a hot dog
                        Ex: "I really enjoy putting long, thick wieners in my mouth."

Yay for wieners!

Word #2 – Boobies


Boobies are great. I should know. I have a pair. I'm also the keeper of a large jar of boobie sprinkles. Isn't that right, Eden? (Eden Baylee knows all about the boobie sprinkles.)

There were many definitions on the Urban Dictionary for boobies, but the best one was this one:
            "Mystical orbs with the power to exert complete mind control over any man who witnesses their infinite beauty." – Udder truth! (LOL! Get it? Udder. Boobies. Get it?)

Seriously, this is totally true. Ladies, if you want something from the man in your life, need to win that argument, anything. All you have to do is lift your shirt and let the girls bounce free. Your man's gaze will be riveted it your "mystical orbs" and their power will turn his mind over to your control, thereby paving the way for you to get whatever your heart desires. Argument won.

You know I'm right.

Now for the funniest word – I save the best for last.

Word #3 – Dingleberry (yes, you read that correctly. Dingleberry)

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of a dingleberry is:

            "A smallish, semi-dry, extraordinary tenacious remnant of fecal matter which, when unwittingly rolled into a mixture with toilet paper lint by the action of wiping, becomes almost irremovably entangled among ones anal hair, a situationality exacerbated by the vigorous chafing and friction between the buttocks and most commonly remedied by the sad and almost entirely unavoidable remedy of plucking out at its root the individual hair to which each dingleberry is conjoined."

Personally, I prefer this shorter definition. It's more precise and to the point:

            "A delinquent partial turd which grasps anal shrubbery causing brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers."


How is that not funny?

Gross? Yes. Absolutely. But funny nonetheless.

Well that's it for me (I see some of you sighing in relief). Before I go, I want to thank Casey for letting me take over his blog today. I apologize for any kumquats that may have fallen out of my pockets (ha, ha, ha).

Okay everyone, what words make you giggle and bring out your inner child?

Like most authors, Casey Sheridan began writing when she was very young. It was later in life when she read her first piece of erotica and it was on a dare that she wrote her first erotic story.

Casey enjoys writing erotica that is sensual and fun with unique storylines.

You can find Casey's books through Breathless Press and Amazon. Her short erotic fiction is published on various erotic web­sites such as The Erotic Woman.

Her title, Ruby Red Metallic, was an EPIC eBook Awards 2012 Finalist.

An introvert by nature, Casey is happiest when writing. She also enjoys spending time with close friends, listening to music, watching movies, and reading. She loves animals, and volunteers to care for a local feral/outdoor cat colony.

Find her on the Web:


  1. Thanks again for having me, Casey!
    This was fun. As always :)

  2. Haha! This was hilarious, Casey, loved it. I had no clue about dingleberry - disgusting indeed. I envisioned a nice little blueberry fruit but noooo.... Ugh.

    Yes, I remember the boobie sprinkles well. I think I need another jar of them. My girls seem to be shrinking!

    My fave juvenile word continues to be 'fart.' I suppose it's not far from dingleberry, but I've always laughed at silly toilet humour, and farts are just damn funny - ALL the time, unless you're caught doing it, then maybe it's not so funny!

    Great post, and love these crossovers!