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Friday, 16 August 2013

Monster Killer: A Film Review

Monster Killer is the latest piece of compelling storytelling from writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo and producer John Paul Rice of No Restrictions Entertainment. It tells the tale of an enigmatic, wizened older man named Andrew James (played brilliantly by Phillip Gay) who is able to travel between parallel universes feeding off the energy of serial killers to stay alive. During one of his many leaps, Andrew saves the life of an unsuspecting 18-year old named Mark Roberts (played equally brilliantly by Marc Maynon) but, in the process of doing so, drags Mark into this terrifying new world with him.

Though much of the movie focuses on the dynamic between Andrew and Mark, the supporting players were also very strong. I found myself wondering why not everybody had heard actress Tammie Smalls' name mentioned before. John Paul Rice was recently interviewed on my show and I complimented him on the fact that he seemed able to compile a completely new grouping of talented actors for each project. He was, however, quick to point out that fans of One Hour Fantasy Girl might remember Philip Gay's brief role as the owner of a diner.

Much like the other projects to come from No Restrictions Entertainment, both the plot line and the character development are so intricately layered that it almost proudly becomes a challenge to write a review of Monster Killer without offering any spoilers. What I can say is that it was fun to see the filmmakers break away from the more “reality-based” themes and tackle a distinctively sci-fi story. That said, Bravo and Rice are still able to find new ways to keep their viewers guessing and asking themselves bigger moral and existential questions.

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