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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Guest Posts, Interviews & Other Rants - Vol. II

Just a quick post to bring a few of you up to speed on the latest batch of content I was lucky enough to produce for some other people's sites. The links are as follows. 

Stage 32 Blog: Stage 32 is a premiere networking platform for indie entertainers from all mediums. I had the proud privilege of interviewing the site's co-founder and CEO, Richard Botto, on my show recently. "RB" then invited me to whip up a little intro piece for his blog.

Casey Sheridan's Pajama Party Interview: Erotica novelist Casey Sheridan has a really fun (and disarming) concept for interviews - as you'll see here. I'm proud of the fact that I was one of just a few "non-author" contributors.

Kindergarten Nonsense: Restaurant Edition: Rachel Thompson invited me back to write a follow up to my highly popular piece on "adults behaving badly". This time I took aim at restaurants and shared the story behind why I get so much enjoyment out of filling out comment cards.

The Entertainment Corner Interview: Mireille Miskulin's "Entertainment Corner" is another great resource for indie entertainment news and reviews. I've been visiting this site since I first started using social media and was thrilled when Mireille asked me for an interview. I look forward to having her on my show in the coming weeks.

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