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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Guest Posts, Reviews & Other Rants

Hi everybody! I thought it would be fun to get all the articles that I've written for other websites together in one place (starting with the most recent). If you haven't read them, please check out the links below and let me know what you think. 

Film Courage: Cutting Room Floor Profile I got a really cool St-Patrick's Day gift from Film Courage when they published this profile piece I'd drafted for them. Karen Worden (host of the show) invited me to write up a little piece about why I started podcasting and what I thought made for a good episode.

RachelintheOC: Kindergarten Nonsense Humor author and social media expert Rachel Thompson (the original "Bad Red-Head" herself) had me draft this rant piece about adults having temper tantrums. It turned out to be a lot more popular than I anticipated and have even entertained the idea of turning Kindergarten Nonsense into a book. 

IBC: The 3 C's of Managing Expectations In another collaboration with Rachel Thompson (then with the Indie Book Collective), I wrote this factual piece about the power of effectively managing expectations.  

The Farthest Reaches: Behind the Words After appearing on my show, author Jason McIntyre invited me to be the subject of a "Behind the Words" profile on his own site. It was the first "print interview" I'd ever given and I'm really happy with the way that it turned out.

Lorna Suzuki's "A Warrior's Tale" Lorna Suzuki's "Imago" series is still my favorite indie discovery. "A Warrior's Tale" had me totally hooked from the first page and I could not put it down. This was one of the first written reviews that I'd released publicly and the first time I'd ever reviewed a book. Mine is the first you'll see in the chain.

John Paul Rice's "One Hour Fantasy Girl" The first film review I wrote was for John Paul Rice's feature "One Hour Fantasy Girl". It's a gritty and compelling character study that is also based on a true story.


  1. Great to see all your work neatly compiled in one post, Casey!

    1. Thanks, Eden. Fun to look back at what I've done and it makes the articles easier to find. Adds up pretty quickly!