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Monday, 13 February 2012

Green-light This: Promoted Projects: Feb. 13, 2012

HorrorQuest Film Festival: Joseph Hardin started the Atlanta-based indie horror film fest in 2009 that is 100% free for filmmakers and patrons. Help keep this valuable resource going. Currently crowd-funding to cover the costs of running the festival including theatre rental, awards, and advertising. A festival for indies, by indies.HorrorQuest on Kickstarter or hit the main page at The HorrorQuest

Game Over: A half hour comedy series about 5 employees working at a video game store. In each episode the employees find themselves in varying situations as they interact with store duties, customers, other stores in the shopping center and each other. Starring Kenneth McGregor and Brian Anthony Wilson. Game Over Main Page

Convention of the Dead: The Comedy Horror film, Convention of the dead follows Cooper, Herbie and Errol on their annual trip to their local sci-fi convention, the only problem is that something a little different this year, instead of battling the crowds of sci-fi fans they end up battling the undead in a fight for there lives.Convention of the Dead on Indiegogo

Bunyip Movie: is a high-octane, micro-budget, creature-feature made by two female filmmakers from Australia (Miri Stone and Denby Weller) out to make international waves with their crowdfunded horror film. This film needs to raise $4K in the next 30days to reach their $7K shooting budget - so the race is on! Get behind the project by pledging money to the film on Bunyip Pozible Page or visit the main site Bunyip Main Page


  1. THANK YOU CASEY! I greatly appreciate the promo for GAME OVER.

  2. Thanks heaps Casey! So wonderful to have your support of indie filmmaking - new supporters are getting on board :)
    Miri Stone
    Filmmaker behind The Bunyip Movie

  3. Happy to help, guys! Keep up the great work and best of luck with "Game Over" and "Bunyip". Thank you for supporting my blog as well. I appreciate the boost.